Mobile Fighter G Gundam

Mobile Fighter G Gundam

Anime Name: Mobile Fighter G Gundam

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Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Mecha, Romance, Sci-Fi, Shounen, Space, Sports

Status: Completed

Released: 1994

Summary: Created to celebrate the franchise's fifteenth anniversary, Mobile Fighter G Gundam was Gundam's first foray into alternate universes. In the year Future Century 60, most humans have left the polluted Earth behind and moved into space. To prevent war, the colonies have agreed on a Gundam Fight to decide control of the colonies for four years at a time. This year, Neo Japan's Domon Kasshu, the King of Hearts, hopes to win with his Shining Gundam, but he hasn't come to Earth simply to win the Gundam Fight. His concurrent mission is to track down and destroy the Devil Gundam which has escap... + read more

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